Learn Computer Skills

Click on this:
to learn how to use the computer.
This is an easy way to learn how to 
use the mouse and the keyboard.
You learn skills and then practice them 
by playing games in an amusement park.

Click on this:
to learn how to use the internet.

The new Webwise course is  
here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/webwise/accredited-courses/level-one/

Start integrating e-learning into literacy instruction
for Level 1 and 2 readers

To practice computer skills 
and learn about health and safety in 
a kitchen, a office, a hotel or a supermarket, 
go here: Workplace: Health and Safety - Fix the Hazard

To practice more computer skills, read stories, 
and learn about workplace skills, 
click on one of the links below. 
These are stories made for adult learners. 
You can read and listen at the same time. 
There are activities to go with each story.

To learn about Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, Computer Hardware and Software,
go to Common Craft
and click on Browse Videos. 

Choose Technology to watch a 3-minute video.